Our corporate project

 Sustainable growth, at the heart of our identity

Faced with the impoverishment of natural resources and the increase in inequalities, KS construction is exploring new ways of producing and deciding, based on its founding principles: dialogue, transparency, responsibility and commitment.

An essential component of KS construction’s business, sustainable growth is firmly anchored at the heart of its identity. It is consistent with its corporate values combining pursuit of high performance and social balance. As part of long-term strategy and management processes, sustainable development has created a dynamic of responsibility among all the collaborators and partners of KS construction.


This “sustainable growth approach”, both prospective and operational, is based on a three-fold commitment:

  • Create economic value for all (company, employees, community)
  • Incorporate tomorrow’s construction rules to ensure construction durability
  • Meet the needs of current and future generations by constructing attractive, economical and sustainable buildings.